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Ultimate EOR proudly provides 5-day training courses for industry professionals. Some of the titles are PRINCIPLES OF ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY; INTRODUCTION TO CHEMICAL EOR LABORATORY PRACTICES; and CHEMICAL EOR SIMULATION TECHNIQUES. All three classes can take place concurrently in the following periods: October 6 – October 10, 2014
December 8 – December 12, 2014
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Read More. All of these courses can be cutomized in content and in lenght to fit any organizational requirement. To read more about UEOR please scroll down.

Ultimate EOR Services LLC was formed to bring a unique blend of proprietary technology and patented molecules to the petroleum industry. Professor Gary Pope at the University of Texas at Austin worked with and then extended the work of Professors Schechter and Wade, also at UT, to provide the theoretical underpinnings and experience base that can identify optimum formulations for almost any given reservoir. Working with Dr Upali Weerasooriya also at UT Austin, they identified new molecules that are far superior to previous materials and those molecules have been licensed from the university to Ultimate. A number of projects designed in Professor Pope’s laboratories are coming to maturity in the field and are being shown to achieve results far better than those in the past, which of course can be highly profitable to the operator.

The goal of Ultimate is to produce these successful EOR projects for its clients. Although a significant part of the development of a project is the laboratory evaluation of reservoir materials, we never lose sight of our ultimate goal for our clients.

Ultimate is building a unique company to support this endeavor. Most of the team members have either graduated from, or have worked for years in Professor Pope’s laboratories where many of the top engineers in this field in the world were trained. We screen reservoirs initially and will only accept those that we believe have a good chance of being technically and financially successful for our clients. We then operate on a foundation of three I’s: Integrity, Independence, and Innovation. May we help you enhance the financial performance of your reservoir?

  • About Us

    We provide laboratory, modeling, and engineering expertise, training, and consulting in support of successful field application of chemical EOR methods based on more than 30 years of research and development in the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin including the development of new patented EOR surfactants.

    UEOR has unique and the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to conduct high temperature and high pressure live oil/surfactant phase behavior and coreflood studies. Our featured equipment and capabilities include high pressure/high temperature Sapphire PVT cells, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), several rheometers, ion exchange chromatography, and refractometer, Gas Chromatogram, high pressure/high temperature coreholders.

  • Organization

    Ultimate EOR Services is a Texas based company founded in 2012 to provide laboratory, modeling and engineering expertise, services and consulting in support of the field application of chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods.

    Dr. Mojdeh Delshad is the President, Dr. Gary Pope, and Dr. Upali Weerasooriya are technical advisors.

  • Founders

    Gary A. Pope, Ph.D.
    Professor, department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
    Upali Weerasooriya, Ph.D.
    Sernior Research Scientist Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
    Mojdeh Delshad, Ph.D.
    Research Professor, department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
    Larry W. Lake, Ph.D.
    Professor, department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
    Kishor Mohanty, Ph.D.
    Professor, department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

  • Team

    Most of the Ultimate EOR team members have graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and have experience in laboratory screening, analysis, coreflooding, and numerical simulation of chemical EOR processes.

    Mojdeh Delshad, Ph.D.,

    is a research professor in the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and Vice President at Ultimate EOR LLC. She holds MS and Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin.
    Stephanie Adkins, Ph.D.
    Laboratory Supervisor and Senior Engineer

    Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UT Austin who conducted chemical EOR research at the University of Texas at Austin for 5 years.
    Chris Britton
    laboratory supervisor

    He joined Dr. Gary Pope’s chemical EOR research group at UT Austin in 2007. His areas of expertise include surfactant phase behavior, core flooding, and general laboratory instrumentation and analysis.
    Robert Fortenberry, M.S.E
    Resorvior engineer

    Master’s degree in 2012 at the University of Texas in Austin in Petroleum Engineering while conducting research in chemical EOR technology development.
    Eric Trine,
    Laboratory engineer

    Prior to his current position at Ultimate EOR, Eric worked as a laboratory research assistant at the University of Texas. While there, he worked on high pressure, live oil phase behavior and core flood experiments.
    Pearson Suniga
    Petroleum Engineer

    He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2013 with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. Previously, he spent two and a half years working on surfactant phase behavior, core flood design, and on-site quality control.

  • Services

    Ultimate EOR Services facilities are now operational. Phase behavior and core testing tests are in progress and computational simulations are being done. We have opened our training center and have begun offering specialized training to the industry on all types of enhanced oil recovery. We are currently evaluating reservoirs and developing custom solutions that offer the maximum recovery from many types of reservoirs. We are conducting field trials internationally and results are showing substantial improvement over previous methodologies.

    Ultimate EOR offers expert opinion and numerical simulations for all types of enhanced oil recovery projects. However, its featured laboratory services include

    Years of education, experience, research and development has enabled us to offer the following expert services

  • Screening Reservior
    for EOR Candidates

    We screen reservoirs based on available geological and production data to select and rank candidate EOR process(s) using screening tools, expert opinion, and numerical simulations.

  • Develop Chemical

    We conduct laboratory testing of chemicals using fluids and cores of oil reservoirs to find suitable chemical formulations and evaluate their performance. The chemical formulation is optimized for live oil at reservoir pressure and temperature. We explore a suite of commercially available surfactants and co-solvents in addition to newly developed structures and technologies to achieve commercially viable projects.

    UEOR team works with the client to qualify all potential chemical suppliers so that the best prices can be obtained and the highest quality materials can be assured. Materials are selected based strictly on reservoir specific needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Coreflooding

    Once a good formulation and phase behavior is developed in pipettes, outcrop and reservoir corefloods are performed as the second level of screening the chemical formulation. Key measurements are oil recovery, pressure drop, chemical retention.

  • Reservior Simulation

    Reservoir simulations are needed in every step of the EOR design from the screening reservoir to design and interpretation of laboratory results; forecast field performance including uncertainties, and finally the analysis and interpretation of the field flood performance.
    We have more than 30 yrs of experience in modeling chemical flooding processes using the state-of-the-art chemical flooding reservoir simulator developed in the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in addition to commercial reservoir simulators.

  • Field Support

    We provide ongoing flood engineering supports and technical consulting to clients to optimize flood design. Our goal is to produce successful field projects and we never lose sight of our ultimate goal for our clients. Some of our featured services are:
    - Monitoring and quality control
    - Advice on chemical supply and production
    - Engineering interpretation of laboratory and field data
    - Reservoir simulations to optimize field performance

  • Training

    We provide training courses for engineers with limited expertise on chemical EOR processes. Hands on training focuses on laboratory techniques to select and screen chemical formulations and core floods. Hands on training on numerical simulation of lab and field scales is also offered.

  • Intro to Chemical EOR

    Principles of Chemical Enhanced
    Oil Recovery

    This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of chemical EOR (CEOR). Participants will learn the methods of CEOR flooding, including reservoir screening, laboratory tests, pilot phase, and field implementation. An understanding of CEOR processes and their displacement mechanisms will be obtained.

    Course Discription

    Chemical EOR has received increasing attention as an EOR recovery technique that is robust, cost-effective and efficient in producing incremental oil from certain reservoirs. Familiarity with the topic is important when evaluating assets for CEOR potential. Participants in this course will begin by learning about all currently implemented technologies, including polymer flooding, surfactant-polymer flooding (SP), alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding (ASP), and others. Promising new CEOR technologies, such as alkaline-co-solvent-polymer flooding (ACP) will also be covered. With knowledge of the advantages and challenges of various EOR methods, participants will learn to screen reservoirs for chemical EOR and alternatives based on reservoir characteristics.

    Next, participants will learn the process of CEOR implementation from lab scale to pilot and finally to field scale. This section will be based on past field projects to help demonstrate advantages and limitations of CEOR. Participants will obtain performance guidelines for all phases of CEOR studies in order to evaluate work done, whether in-house or by contractors. Cost analysis of CEOR schemes will help participants make decisions about the value of the technology to an asset. Throughout the course, instructors will help participants gain understanding of common vocabulary and techniques used in the field.

  • Laboratory Training

    Chemical EOR Lab Training

    The laboratory training course is an excellent way for individuals to understand the foundation of chemical EOR methods: laboratory studies. Clients have the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on training, observation, and classroom training, facilitated by skilled Ultimate EOR staff. This course covers four general areas: Lab Safety, Microemulsion Phase Behavior, Polymer Solutions Properties, and Core Flooding Procedure. Clients may choose to focus on one or more of these areas in more detail, if requested in advance.

    Course Discription

    All participants in the Laboratory training course will start with mandatory Ultimate EOR laboratory safety training before moving to the laboratory environment. In the lab, they will work closely with experienced Ultimate EOR staff to gain an understanding of CEOR lab procedures. Parts of the training course can be hands-on (such as phase behavior pipetting or polymer solution mixing) to help solidify the concepts being learned. Other aspects of the course will be observation-based due to timing, experimental complexity, and safety constraints.

    If needed, the course can include classroom time to help participants understand surfactant / polymer chemistry and properties of porous media. This course can be partially customized to the client’s specific needs; for example clients interested in polymer flooding can receive detailed training on polymer properties and associated experiments. Participants may also request more in-depth training on specific topics or experiments, however longer or shorter training courses may be necessary. The experience level of the participants may also have an effect on the course content and duration. This course must be scheduled well in advance to coordinate with other laboratory efforts.

  • Simulation Training

    Chemical EOR Simulation Training

    Participants will learn about various simulation products and be trained in them. They will simulate the life cycle of CEOR, from bench-scale tests to field scale. By the end of the training, participants will feel confident in independent simulation of CEOR

    Course Discription

    The course will begin with a short overview of chemical EOR, which will assume some background knowledge in the field and in reservoir engineering. Afterwards participants will work independently, under the supervision of UEOR staff, to model and simulate various aspects of CEOR. Starting with simple cases, like polymer core-flooding, students will build their understanding of simulation of CEOR step-by-step. Evaluation of different simulators and the models will be emphasized.

    After students show command of basic topics, more challenging, complex and complete models will be introduced. This will include core-flood matching of SP and ASP floods; student’s simulations will be verified by staff. Based on core-flood results, students will learn how to design and implement pilot scale simulations using the various products available. Pilot scale sensitivity and performance benchmarking will be included. Finally, simulation of the full field scale for CEOR will complete the training. Throughout the course participants will use real data from fields and core-floods in executing their own simulations. The ultimate objective is for students to achieve confidence in simulation of most aspects of CEOR. Course material can be customized to a limited extent to suit client’s needs.


    Ultimate EOR Services announces the opening of its facility at 11412 Bee Cave Road (FM 2244) Austin, Texas 78738. We are currently doing phase behavior, core testing, and advanced compositional simulations to develop custom formulations for our clients. Our goal is not to sell laboratory services but to produce successful projects. A formulation will be considered to be ready for field testing when we have established that it is:
    1) able to recover most of the oil from field cores at reservoir conditions,
    2) is robust when reservoir variables are considered and,
    3) manufacturers have been identified that can make the materials in the quality and quantity that will be needed, and at a cost that will be economically attractive to the customer. We are building the capacity to support our clients from the early screening of reservoirs through field implementation with proprietary testing methods and materials producing a capability that is not available anywhere else in the industry.

  • Technology

  • ULTIMATE EOR Services

    General Information: info@ultimateeor.com
    11412 Bee Cave Road (FM 2244) Austin, Texas 78738
    Tel: 512.263.2709; Fax: 512.263.9316

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    Protecting our clients privacy.

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